If the discovery of underwater world via a traditional video looks great to you, then the “dive” in a 360 degrees video will leave you breathless by all means. The waters seems to touch you, you feel like you are immersed in a water sphere, can turn your head around and see all the underwater life… without need of oxygen mask and while you still remain secure and dry.

The discovery of the astonishing Greek sea bead and the submarine treasures cannot be done in a better way, the 360 video offers the first hand experience like diving in the deep sea!

Our company has already completed a series of underwater 360 recordings in many places of the Aegean Sea (Kea island- “The Patris Steem shipwreck”, Methoni- “Sarkofagoi” , Vouliagmeni – “The well” etc).

We are the only company in Greece with fully owned equipment for submarine 360video, with trained divers for 360 recording and a long experience in 360 video production including post-production.