VR 360 12k pic 1
The setup uses suitable lenses and cameras array in order to cover fully the spherical field of view and produce an optimal 360 degrees file. After proper processing of the data and stitching the final video file can have maximum analysis of 8K at 30fps (frames per second).
The VR360GR//2D-12K system offers a 45 minutes recording time that can be extended for much longer by use of external batteries and chargers (that are still portable) without the use of power outlet connection.
The radial design of the mounting of the cameras offers holes for heat dissipation as well as central cooling channel. In case of long hours recording the cameras can have extra air cooling device on top operating like the PC central processors heat dissipation systems.
The big advantage of the VR360GR//2D-12K system against competitive systems for 360 VR video recording is the small size and the extended images overlap as well as maximum control of the parallax phenomenon in the final 360 video file that is produced.
The system is ideal for events coverage offering live streaming of 360 degrees in high resolution of 4Κ (4096×2048 pixels). It is also compatible with Videostitch VahanaVR and Teradek Sphere software and hardware systems.


For more information or to find out how you can use our system please contact us: vr360.gr@gmail.com


R&D Team
Head of Design: Panagiotis B. Patsiaouras
Optoelectronics Development: Ilias Koukouvinos
Senior Camera Mounting – Testing: Yannis Ntrenoyannis
Camera Mounting – Testing: SpyrosTsitsis
Technical Service: Stefanos Grammenos