VR 360 3d Print 1
Our involvement with 3D printers begun as the only way to allow us to make our own design rigs in order to use multi camera suspension systems suitable for 360 video. We not only evaluated many different camera types (action/DSLR/cinematic etc) but also tested systems with different number of cameras, different lenses, different cameras positioning and we integrated all these with suitable power and cooling devices.

Our development efforts are still going on since the past 20 months because we want to take the best possible results out of our 3D printers. All these but most important the experienced design personnel in VR360.gr are the strong advantages that the company offers. We are in a position to design, produce and apply successfully any possible camera configuration for producing  videos as 360, 3D-360, 3D-180, 3D. We take into consideration parameters as camera and lens type, and required supporting systems (monitors, power supply, recording to hard discs and other means). Our design department covers the 2 dimensions and drastically moves to 3 dimensions post production with high quality VFX graphics that add reality in our video by the push of a button.