VR 360 3D3 1

There is a significant difference between a 360 video and the corresponding 3D-360 video. In a 3D-360 video, the space has multiple levels, which means that the sense of depth and distance is easier to understand, and nearby objects and people appear uniquely lifelike. Our company was the first to be involved with the three-dimensional shooting and processing of an image in a 360 environment using multiple camera systems. One of the first pilot 3D-360 videos we created featured excerpts from a performance of the “Barber of Seville” at the National Opera of Greece. As well as the shooting, which requires a large number of cameras which are perfectly synchronized with each other during recording, the image processing is a tedious, time-consuming and demanding process that requires powerful computers with multiple processors and special programs. However, the end result justifies the choice to create a 3D-360 video rather than a simple 360 video. Besides, according to most experts and analysts, it is 3D-360 video format that will used in the future as it provides true, almost “tangible” images/experiences.