VR 360 holo pats 1

Holographic projection is the method that allows the presentation of the 360 degrees videos over the four sides of a pyramid. The method is developed so to allow projection from a big dimensions screen as well as from a smartphone. When watching a 360 degrees video one has the feeling that he is located in the centre of the sphere and watches what is happening around him by moving his head left and right. To have a better view it is recommended to where VR glasses and this can happen by one person every time. The holographic projection allows the viewer to «jump out of the sphere» so to watch what is happening inside and from all four sides. This retains the 360 degrees feeling from all over the area and from many viewers simultaneously. The word holography (in Greek means capture the whole) creates in the people’s mind a futuristic approach of impressive projections and a connection to innovative products and services. This projection method offers a new advertising medium that interacts with the viewer attracting him to move around so to discover all the sides of the subject. Holographic projection is an innovative method of displaying advertising messages to areas of mass access, shopping malls, commercial shops, athletic-cultural events and museums, expos, theaters, etc.