Using sophisticated, original, and specially designed support systems (VR-360 camera rigs) we adjust and synchronise a large number of HD cameras. This allows us to record 360 VR ultra-high-resolution videos which can be seen anyone (and of course anyone can participate actively in this viewing), either through YouTube or Facebook, on their personal computer, tablet, or mobile phone. Our company has all the necessary VR equipment to record and process 3D-360 videos, and also to enrich them with three-dimensional graphics and to make them available for viewing on all types of media outlet. Our experience up to date, and the international productions that we have undertaken and completed, serve as an excellent guarantee for our work.

At the same time, we also use holographic projection on pyramids or special projection systems, with devices incorporating moving “panels” with dry ice and liquid nitrogen. In this way, we are able to present 360 degree videos in a truly ground-breaking way, in three dimensions, with texture and artificial depth, without the use of 3D glasses. With a view to the future, we are currently creating high quality, tailor-made augmented reality applications, and we can ensure that the end-user participates in the experience.