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Nefeli Dimitriadi’s research on virtual landscapes led to the virtual reality art environment entitled PLANESCAPES. In her installation the artist is experimenting with the aesthetics of the virtual reality space using visual arts, video and virtual reality technologies, to address the experience of flying over real and virtual landscapes.
The exhibition consists of an interactive lightning installation, with distance measuring sensors following the gaze/step of the spectator and revealing painted aerial landscapes, of a video where the viewer watches a flight over endless lands and sea, and of a virtual reality flight simulation.

Take a look at the 360video of the premiere of the installation @ Ileana Tounta Gallery


Interactive lighting technical support: George Apostolakos
Installation photography: Yiannis Kelemenis
Graphic Design: Anna Meli


Our 6xGoPro VR RIG available for rent – VR 360

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This is the first camera mounting system that we designed and produced in our labs. We have tested this for a long time and it is very efficient and reliable.

With the GoPro cameras properly adjusted, the rig can offer an optimum 4K resolution video file of spherical image (360 degrees)  at 30fps (frames per second).

6GOPRO rental

This rig that is specially designed for VR recording is now available for renting from Rent Photo Video  company  (www.rentphotovideo.gr- tel: 211-7101105).
It includes 6 xGoPros 3+ fully adjusted, remote control, 6 extra batteries, battery chargers and 6 microSD cards of 32Gb each).
Now the only thing you need in order to record your 360 videos is to… push the recording button.

Six GoPro action cameras are used since these were the first small size cameras that could be mounted close together for a complete coverage of a spherical field of view of 360 degrees. Indeed this six cameras setup allows to have many areas of overlap so that the six images to “be connected” -stitched together and create one integrated image.

The VR360gr camera rig (mounting system) that you see today is the eighth operational version. It can be used with GoPro 4 and 3+ models either with or without the GoPro protective covers (extra holding cups are needed if used without housing).


VR 360 dtm drivrs 1

Our new 360 videos for BMW Motorsports – VR 360

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DTM visits the Hungaroring track this weekend. We had the chance to film in 360 video two amazing rounds in the Budapests’s  4.381Km  track. The BMW DTM drivers Tom Blomqvist  and António Félix da Costa take us around the track while driving the new BMW M2 coupe during BMW international media even. The amazing 360, all around, video of inside and out of the car offers a unique impression of the turns and the track facilities while the drivers speed, brake and usually drift all over the place. Not to mention that even more impressive these videos are when watching through the VR (virtual reality) goggles that allow to move around your head and see a different angle every time, like if you were the co-driver of Blomqvist and Da Costa during their two laps. Thanks to BMW Motorsport that just released the videos in youtube we are more than happy to see our work published in international channels.

Please see the videos in the links,


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EX4oXjvnEEY ,



VR 360 photo under1

The first scuba diving video 360 in Greece – VR 360

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The first scuba diving video 360 in Greece
It was early December but still sunny day when we dive in Athens. For the first time in Greece we capture in 360 video the cavern (well known as black hole) that exists at the second cove in Vouliagmeni. Our divers went down to 30m depth and brought us some spectacular pictures of the spot (37°47’58.01″N, 23°47’21.17″E). VR360.gr created this video by using the full 360 Abyss system. Stay connected, more episodes to follow.

Experience Greece-VR360.gr
Producer: Yannis Ntrenoyannis
Post Production: Panagiotis Patsiaouras-Noise and Grain
Camera crew: Elias Koukouvinos- Iakovos Ntrenoyannis
Diver: George Kolikis

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 10.0

33rd Authentic Marathon captured in 360 degrees video – VR 360

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 Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 10.03.29 π.μ.

Ιt’s the first time that the Original Marathon race is captured in a 360 degrees video.
Watch it in high resolution 4K-Cinema, follow the 360 graphics and get the unique experience of personal participation in one of the most important sporting events on the planet. The 33rd Original Marathon of Athens-Greece.

All the action is now in your hands. Whether scrolling the cursor over the image or turning around your mobile or tablet, you choose from what angle you view the spherical video. It looks like you’re inside a magic sphere, and everywhere you look you get the positive energy of participating in an authentic marathon.